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Top 10 Things to do in Belfast

Staycation is the trend at the moment and will likely be for the foreseeable future, and there is no better place to spend a short city break than Belfast.  Northern Ireland’s capital is a vibrant city that has gained popularity for its endless list of attractions. From rich culture to architectural monuments, art and museum, there are a lot of fascinating things to do and places to visit in Belfast. In this short guide, I’ll show you our top ten things to do in Belfast.

  1. Explore Titanic Belfast

Do you remember the movie “Titanic”? Sure, still fresh in my memory. Belfast was the birthplace of the Titanic, which famously sunk after hitting an iceberg in 1912. Belfast’s dockyards used to be the largest in the world by the early 20th century. Carved from the renovated dockyards, Titanic Belfast features a museum that triggers some memories of the ill-fated ship. There are lots to explore within the aluminum-clad museum including the Titanic Slipways and shipbuilder Harland & Wolff’s Drawing Offices.  This place is very popular so we recommend pre-booking.  You can also combine the Titanic Experience with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway Tour from Belfast, if you have available time.  You can pre-book here.

  1. Tour the Belfast Castle

If exploring Titanic Belfast doesn’t interest you, touring the Belfast Castle should. Belfast Castle is situated on Cave Hill. It dates back to the 1870’s since Norman. From this majestic castle, you can enjoy amazing views of the city and beyond to the coast.

  1. Visit Ulster Museum

Whether you are an art lover, natural science or just a history enthusiast, visiting Ulster Museum promises to be memorable. Ulster Museum houses Irish’s rich history, no wonder it is the preferred destination for education and exhibition events. This is a must-visit destination if you want to see both modern and ancient masterpieces, including the Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs.

  1. Sightsee at the Botanic Gardens

After your visit to the Ulster Museum, which is located within the Botanic Gardens, take the time out to walk this famous public garden and appreciate nature in its true beauty. Imagine different plant species from around the world in one traditional iron-framed Victorian conservatory. That’s a glimpse of what this place has to offer.

  1. St. Anne’s Cathedral

One mind-blowing thing about Belfast is its outstanding architecture littered all through the city. St. Anne’s Cathedral is a major highlight that is filled with the charm of an old city. A visit to this religious site will make you gasp a million times over.

  1. Game of Thrones tour Belfast

Visiting Belfast without taking a tour to the real Seven Kingdoms of the iconic movie “Game of Thrones” is like visiting Starbucks without having a cup of coffee. Experience a coastal adventure of Northern Ireland’s “Game of Thrones” filming locations from Belfast. Just ensure you choose a reliable Belfast serviced apartment to get the much-needed rest. 

  1. Stop by City Hall

Your visit to Belfast will be incomplete if you don’t visit City Hall. City Hall was built in Renaissance style and since it started operations in 1906, it has become the most prominent landmark in Belfast. Enjoy excellent free tours even on a full-day outing.

  1. Attend an event at Grand Opera House

When you get to Belfast, you have a choice to attend numerous events at the Opera House. Throughout the year, the Opera House hosts lots of pantomimes, musicals, dramas, and comedy shows that interests tourists. At the Opera House, you get to enjoy entertainment at its peak well within your budget.

  1. Hit St. George’s Market

St. George’s Market is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions and a place to visit. The market clearly describes the charm of a country town and its war age. It is the last surviving Victorian-covered market in Belfast.  The market is open during the weekend from Friday to Sunday, featuring hundreds of market stalls selling local foods, drinks, and crafts.  Live music will entertain you on Saturdays and Sundays. 

  1. Linen Hall Library

If you are looking for a cozy place with all the resources of a thriving city, then Linen Hall Library is a place to be. Founded in 1788, Linen Hall Library is an ideal destination to unwind and get historical treats.  Make sure to check out their regular exhibitions and events, too!  Entrance is free but we recommend joining their tour for just £5 per person.

There you have it; top ten things to do in Belfast. Belfast has become a popular destination where people visit for a short get-away. Without a doubt, Belfast is a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy life! The locals are wonderful; they are very welcoming to visitors and tourists. Be assured to get the best experience! Before coming here, you will need to look out for places to stay in Belfast. Anjore House is your Belfast Serviced Apartment choice where you can have all the amenities of a home at a reasonable price. Anjore House offers the best self catering apartments in Belfast as we are a short walking distance to most of Belfast’s tourist attractions.  For any questions on short stay accommodations in Belfast or holiday let in Belfast please contact us here.

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