Even as a small business, we feel that we can still do our part to reduce our impact in the environment, where practicable.

Here are just some of the practices that we follow:

  • Sustainable products – we have now changed all our cleaning products to non-bio formula, with the least possible chemical.
  • Reduce single use plastics – we use recycled, refillable bottles where we can on our cleaning products. Our dishwashing and laundy cleaning products use 100% plastic-free packaging.
  • Recycling – all wastes will be disposed of responsibly. Our staff will ensure they comply with all the waste disposal requirements.


We understand that by making positive choices we can all reduce our impact on the environment. As a guest we welcome your help in our efforts to have a cleaner planet.

Please see some below some tips on how you can help us in promoting good environmental practices.


Reduce energy by switching off lights and turning down/turning off heater when you are going outside the apartment.  Close windows if heating is on.  Fill the washing machine and dishwasher before use.


Many local tourist attractions are within walking distance from our Belfast serviced apartment.  Not only is walking or cycling better for your health but also good for the environment.  You can rent a bike HERE.


Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and only use the water you need.  Fill the washing machine and dishwasher before use.


Avoid extra packaging and say no to extra carrier bags.  Dispose your waste in the right bin provided.

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